Challenger CL10V3 – Commercial Grade

Challenger CL10V3 – Commercial Grade

Service more vehicles and increase your bottom line with Challenger’s flagship CL10 series 2-post lifts. Our exclusive Versymmetric® Technology provides the versatility to safely lift vehicles symmetrically or asymmetrically within the same service bay.


Challenger’s CL10V3 model features our exclusive Versymmetric® technology to allow you to service the widest range of vehicles and maximize your bottom line. 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms with our industry-first directSPOT™ design eliminate the need to shuffle a vehicle back and forth to swing the front arm clear of the tire to reach recommended lift points. Accurate first-try spotting will boost your productivity as well as reduce frustration in your shop.

We also offer the CL10V3 in several configurations to meet your service application needs. A drive-on pad option provides the quickest vehicle spotting for express bays. Our added Quick Cycle™ models can rise in just 27 seconds and lower in only 17 seconds. Quick Cycle™ technology’s increased lift speed will drastically boost your service potential. Adjustable height and width options are also available. In addition, choose between a wide range of accessories to make the CL10V3 the perfect choice for your shop. Expand your service potential with our most versatile, easy-to-operate lift.


ALI/ETL certified.


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CL10V3 (Standard Height: 11'2" – 11'8"), CL10V3-2 (2' Height Extension: 13'2" – 13'8"), CL10V3-3 (3' Height Extension: 14'2" – 14'8")


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