Home Storage Lifts

Challenger CL4P Home Storage Lifts

Challenger’s Home Storage line of 4-Post lifts are the perfect solution for adding an additional parking space to your home garage or storage area. The ability to run these lifts with 110V andthe fact they the do not need to be anchored into your concrete make them ideal for home installations. These lifts can also be used for light-duty service applications when doing maintenance on your personal vehicle or working on your weekend project car. Additional options available include extended ramps for lowered vehicles, rolling jacks to lift the vehicle off the runways to give you access to brakes/wheel work, caster set to be able to move the lift in your garage, and 220V optional power unit upgrade to decrease rise time. The four different size configurations and two different weight capacities gives you the flexibility to fit them in almost any garage space. 

Absolute minimum recommended ceiling height for storing two vehicles is the height of both vehicles plus 12″. 

Contact us today for more information and to find out which model will best fit your home storage needs.

7,000lb - Standard

Challenger's smallest and most cost effective Home Storage Lift is the CL4P7. This lift is geared towards tighter applications with narrow width or low ceiling height available. See below for specific dimensions.

9,000lb - Standard

The CL4P9S is a little bigger than the CL4P7 with an added 2,000lb lifting capacity. Upgrading to the CL4P9S gives you an additional 5" of rise height, an extra 12" of width clearance, and an additional 13" of length.

9,000lb - Extended Height/Standard Width

The CL4P9X offers the same width and length of the CL4P9S with an additional 12" of rise height. This option is perfect for storing larger Trucks/SUV's underneath or to have ample headroom clearance when working on your weekend project.

9,000lb - Extended Height/Extended Width

The CL4P9W is Challenger's tallest and widest Home Storage Lift that is the perfect option if your garage/storage space allows for it. The additional 15" of overall width gives you plenty of space available around the vehicle while doing work, and also gives you plenty of clearance between the vehicle and columns when pulling on and off the lift.

Our recommendation is always to choose the tallest lift that will fit in your garage space. Keep in mind that while the 7,000lb capacity and relatively low rise height of the CL4P7 may work today, but if you upgrade to a taller vehicle down the road the limited rise height may prevent you from utilizing your lift exactly as you’d like.