Coats 1300 Wheel Balancer

Coats 1300 Wheel Balancer


Legendary reliability with state of the art capability.


Legendary reliability with state of the art capability. The Direct Drive Series combines the accuracy and durability of Coats’ Direct Drive system with an exclusive set of easy to use balancing features designed to get the job done right the first time, every time.

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Powered by Direct DriveTM
Motor and spindle are combined into a single, pre-balanced assembly that always stays calibrated to zero. This eliminates the need to frequent calibration and delivers a superior balance result.

Coats 1300 Static-On-Screen

Static-on-Screen is an exclusive Coats feature that simultaneously displays both static and dynamic unbalance data. This provides a final quality check to identify any excess residual static unbalance, a leading cause of vibration complaints.

Coats 1300 Wheel Weights

Behind the Spoke
Hides adhesive wheel weights behind the spoke for a clean look on alloy wheels. This keeps the weights hidden from view. Now balancing more complex wheel designs is faster and easier than ever before, plus you maintain a clean look on custom wheels for maximum customer satisfaction.

Coats 1300 Direct Tape-A-Weight

Direct Tape-A-Weight® Measurement
Helps pinpoint the correct Tape-A-Weight location in alloy balancing modes, improving balancing accuracy and results.


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